About UP

About UP



We were born in the early digital year of 1997. Since then we have continuously adapted to the changing environment, striving to deliver amazing content that resonates with our client's brand identity.

Our growth is fueled by a successful collaboration with over 150 clients, most of which world leading companies, on nearly 1400 projects, of which over 800 international. Inspired by the fast changing world of communications, we have transformed from a traditional PR agency to a hybrid agency providing integrated communication solutions. Today, We are UPeople: next-generation industry leaders, sharing and evolving our learning culture.

Our team consists of Inspiring Innovators, Ingenuous Insighters, Creative Cooks, Wonder-making Wizards and Lasting Linkers. All united to succeed. We know how to reach people through Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned Media.

Big data is our secret weapon to creating high-value content to connect with the public through multiple channels. Amplification is our strong point thanks to our insight-driven and sustainable relationships with all levels of influencers. We communicate brand values through telling stories, gathering deep insights and adopting a human approach to engage the audience. The key to our constant growth lies in our openness to expressing bold and versatile ideas and creating meaningful content for our clients.


United people, for public relations, strategic and marketing communications.
We make your voice matter!

UP 20 Years Rebranding 2017