United Partners launched new service for Inbound PR and Marketing

United Partners launched new service for Inbound PR and Marketing

The agency is the first certificated HubSpot partner in Bulgaria and SEE.

United Partners, one of the leading communications agencies, specialized in the field of corporative and integrated marketing communications, launched a new service in their portfolio – Inbound PR and Marketing. In its fundaments, Inbound Marketing lays on the most complicated advantage – what, how and when brand speaks to its audience. The more often this process happens, the more likely it is the potential client to become a real one.
The methodology is focused on attracting potential clients/ customers through appropriate and useful content for them. This content should add value to every stage of the consumer’s journey – awareness, consideration and conversion. With the Inbound marketing the potential clients find a certain brand, product or service through channels such as blog posts, web sites, browsers and social media.

One of the key fundaments of United Partners is innovation in everything we do. Communications business is moving forward really dynamic. Every day new instruments and methods are being released and they make our job easier, more efficient and more effective. Searching and adapting new methodologies is a main part of our business in order to be more helpful and to add more and more value to our clients’ businesses. I’m pleased that today we introduce Inbound PR -  an exceptional innovation in the PR field in which we believe and which we are already adapting

Maria Gergova-Bengtsson, founder and CEO of United Partners

The service that United Partners is now offering to the market is in partnership with HubSpot – platform for CRM, marketing, sales and customers service and aims at giving the companies the right instruments to navigate the whole customer experience – from the identification to turning them into supporters of a certain brand.

Inbound PR is a methodology that I have developed at Hubspot after years of working with PR agencies from around the world. Prior that , I have worked in several PR agencies in Germany and England. Inbound PR methodology is what helps traditional PR agencies to improve their business in order to meet the clients’ and  customers’ needs and expectation in the digital world where technologies are moving faster than they can be adopted.I am pleased that United Partners is the first agency in Bulgaria and the region that starts developing and offering the Inbound PR and marketing. I believe that the experience and the knowledge United Partners has will contribute for making the Inbound PR and marketing preferred service and will spread the word about the benefits it brings

Iliyana Stareva, Global partnership program manager and author of the book Inbound PR.

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United Partners представи нова услуга „Inbound ПР и маркетинг”

Агенцията е първата в България и Югоизточна Европа, която е сертифициран партньор на платформата за content marketing HubSpot
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