Eastern European PR agencies ready to provide world-class services

Eastern European PR agencies ready to provide world-class services


Maria Gergova, CEO of United Partners, awarded for Best International PR campaign from IPRA Golden World Awards in Doha, Qatar, is confident Bulgaria will establish itself as a powerhouse for cross-nation PR campaigns.

PR Agencies from Eastern Europe have proved that they are ready to pull-off with excellence big-scale international PR campaigns and to provide clients with world-class services. And if you are looking for proof, just take a look at the winners list from the IPRA 2016 Golden World Awards in Doha, Qatar.United Partners was the only Bulgarian PR agency to be awarded a prize from the Golden World Awards, held by the International PR Association – IPRA. At the official ceremony in Doha, Qatar, the agency was distinguished in the most significant category - “Best International PR Campaign of an Agency” for its work on the EE MUSIC (Energy Efficient Music Culture) project. In the history of the prestigious PR awards, this is the first one from this category to be given to an agency from Central and East Europe.

We put a lot of effort in this project and it was quite a challenge for us. I am very happy that we managed to organize it through and through and with such success that we even got recognition from IPRA. I would like to thank all the UP staff members, as well as all our partners all over the continent, who worked throughout twenty European countries to put this project into effect. What gives me great satisfaction personally is the fact that United Partners paves the way of the Bulgarian agencies to the world PR elite. We proved that it is absolutely possible for a Bulgarian agency to plan and execute a communication strategy throughout Europe

Maria Gergova, CEO of United Partners

2. From left to right - Maria Gergova, CEO of United Partners and Mila Krasteva, Head of Digital Strate.JPG
The EE Music project started with a huge educational campaign, which aimed to inform the organizers of festivals, concerts and other big music events throughout Europe for the ways the events reflect the environment, and to give them useful tools how to increase energy efficiency and sustainability. The project was implemented with the financial support of the Intelligent Energy - Europe project.  Results were achieved for three years in key countries such as Austria, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, UK and many others. The campaign was supported by musicians, DJs, energy experts and organizers of some of the biggest festivals in Europe, popular with its active policy to protect the ecological balance.
The gala dinner of the Golden World Awards was attended by representatives of United Partners, Mr. Metin Kazak, Ambassador of Bulgaria to Qatar, jazz singer Ms. Yildiz Ibrahimova and pianist Mr. Zhivko Petrov.

I am honored to support Bulgarian entrepreneurs in their efforts to build international business, demonstrate professionalism on a global level and contribute to building the world reputation of Bulgaria

Mr. Metin Kazak, Ambassador of Bulgaria to Qatar

During the ceremony, held in Doha, Qatar, 56 prizes were given to communication agencies and internal PR teams from around the world for various aspects of professional communications - corporate communications, product campaigns, CSR projects, crisis communication, and communication in social networks.

About Energy Efficient Music Culture Project

The EEMUSIC campaign aims to scale up skills and knowledge on energy efficiency and sustainable energy management within the industry, stir up an industry-wide conversation amongst music event professionals, venue providers, and festival organizers on how to use energy, and provide them the tools and resources necessary for this transition.EE MUSIC’s mission is also to support the potential of music event industry for cultural innovation and change by mobilizing large audiences and unlocking the role of the sector to form a sustainable energy future. Like Jacob Bilabel from the Green Music Initiative said: “Energy and music go hand in hand. The festival, the event, the club or the stadium of the future will be louder, brighter and even more fantastic. We will need only half of the energy, but will have double fun. EE MUSIC can pave the way to a more intelligent, greener and better future for all of us.”

About Golden World Awards

The IPRA Golden World Awards for Excellence offer world-wide recognition and acclaim to world-class public relations programs. Each year, a jury of experienced communication professionals judges the entries and nominates the best for a short-list. In a next step, the final winners are selected on the basis of unique merit, relevance, concrete objectives, creative strategies and tactics, and demonstrable results. Established in 1990, the Golden World Awards (also dubbed as the 'Oscars of PR') has 65 categories of In-house and Agency entries, judged separately, and honors the overall highest standards of each year with the IPRA Grand Prix for Excellence award.

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